Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Course Timetable/ Scheme of Work

You can post a course timetable on your blog simply telling the pupils when and in which room they have Design and Communication Graphics. Although the pupils will have a timetable given to them by the school anyway, it is still good to have the the pupils' class times on the blog for organisational purposes.

This type of post also gives you the opportunity to share your scheme of work with your pupils. This will mean that the pupils will always be aware of what they will be doing next and gives them an idea of how long each topic will take. Although a scheme of work rarely works out to be 100% accurate it is still a good idea to ensure pupils are not kept in the dark about their studies. It is also very easy to update your scheme of work by either editing the existing scheme of work or posting a completely new one.

Assessment of Coursework

You can post your assessment procedures and grading systems in a post. This makes all of the work that you do in your classroom transparent and fair for every student. Useful information that could be posted about your assessment procedures includes:

  • Past test tapers
  • Marking schemes
  • Time and date of tests
  • Percentages given for each assessment completed in class
You can also encourage pupils to comment on your assessment posts saying whether they think the assessment criteria is fair and if they would like amendments to be made. This would encourage the pupils to challenge what you do in class and also help the pupils realise that a pupils' relationship with a teacher should be a partnership and not a dictatorship

Adding the tag "Assessment of Coursework" will enable pupils to easily find information about their classroom tests and other forms of assessments

Monday, February 7, 2011

Design and Communication Graphics Student Assignment 2011

In 5th year it is good to upload the DCG student assignment that the 6th year pupils are doing as it gives them a chance to see an example what they will be doing for their Leaving Certificate. It is obviously important for 6th year pupils as it gives the pupils the opportunity to access their brief from anywhere and allows them to print off a copy if they lose their original copy.
Design and Communication Graphics Student Assignment 2011

Design and Communication Graphics Syllabus

It is a good idea to include the subject syllabus on the classroom blog as it gives the pupils the opportunity to look at what they will be studying and also shows the pupils that there is a reason for each of the topics that they cover in class
Design and Communication Graphics Syllabus